Sweet Pea Newborn Covers

When cloth diapering my second child I constantly lamented that the current newborn covers on the market were “too bulky” on a tiny newborn. Sure they got tight enough not to leak but under clothes they looked plain silly. The Sweet Pea newborn cover is a game changer in the newborn cloth diaper department.

Their cover is marketed as a 6-12 pound cover and I would not hesitate to try it on a 5 pound newborn that had chunkier legs for their weight. The overlapping velcro helps it get a great fit. The above photos is the cover over a newborn grovia (the tiniest of prefolds.). Unfortunately the cover does not fit great under a cord, but I have yet to find a comerically produced cover that does (at least not on my kids).

Below is Miss P. at 7 pounds 14 ounces and 19″ long a just slightly above average size for a 1 week old. This is one day before her cord fell off.

After her cord fell off, still weighing just under 8 pounds. With and without clothes.


Below is a Rumparooz Newborn size cover worn the same 2 days (the day before and after the cord fell off). As you can see it also didn’t really fit before the cord fell off. Look how low it comes down on the legs compared to the Sweet Pea. Its quite a difference. Both fit snugly and work well, but the sweet pea is much trimmer.

Below is the cover at 9 pounds and 23 inches long. At this point we could still use the smallest setting to get a super trim fit. She had started to get some chunk, but I know the covers would have worked just as well if was still 7 pounds.

Fast forward to 12 pounds 6 ounces and the cover still fits well with a trifolded prefold but struggles to cover a larger infant/size 1 standard fit (or size 2 grovia) prefold. Stay tuned for our “What’s fitting at 12 pounds” post.


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