Luludew Cotton Velour Fitteds Review


Have you been on the hunt for a fitted that is that perfect for daytime for some air time around the house? Want a fitted for under those cute daytime woolies, or dare we say under jeans? Looking for a all natural fiber option that goes on a little quick and easier than flat or prefold? Been interested in fitteds, but aren’t sure what to try first.

We would highly suggest you check out the Luludew Cotton Velour Fitted.

These luscious fitteds are made with 8 layers of thirsty cotton and come in 3 sizes (Size 1:7-14lbs, Size 2: 12-22 lbs, Size 3:15-33 lbs), each having two rise settings to allow a perfectly customized fit. For a moderate wetter these may even be a great overnight option too, for a heavy wetter they will work great with a doubler! They are deceivingly flat in the packaging but with a wash and dry they start to fluff up beautifully.

At $12-$15 they won’t break the bank either. Each of us at Boop is adding more and more of them to our cloth stashes, as we fall more and more in love with them.

The width of the crotch is rather perfect for being wide enough to cover even a fluffy bum (like Miss P our model has) while still being trim enough that her pants fit well. Especially check out that back of the bum shot. From behind these fitteds are as trim as many All-In-Ones.

This is the Size 3 fitted adjusted to the tightest wait setting and smallest rise on our Little Miss that is 19 pounds and 29″ (a little above average for her age). In comparable brands she is on the middle rise setting. We feel confident that these will fit her to the recommended 33 pounds.


Check back with us as we plan to add fit photos of the Size 1 and Size 2. If you have any questions about prepping these diapers, or deciding what size your kiddo needs, shoot us a message to our Facebook page








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