Grovia O.N.E

We have been HUGE Grovia O.N.E fans since they did their first release as a part of their original Kickstarter campaign. When they released the final design we were delighted to see how it had improved, we loved it before but now its even better!

Our first big rave about the Grovia O.N.E is how waterproof the outer is. It has not one but too waterproof TPU layers! Combined with the fleece on the shell of the diaper, nothing is getting wicked out of this baby.


We also love the extra PUL at the tummy panel! Both my kiddso that have worn the O.N.E are tummy sleepers and this has gone a long ways at stopping the leaks.


The absorbency of the O.N.E is definitely greater than your standard All-In-One. We find it comparable to the Smart Bottoms Dream Diaper Overnight Inserts Set-up. My kids tend to be heavy wetters so we add the Grovia Boosters under the smaller insert. We have also used a Small Thirsties Hemp insert and that also worked lovely.


As for fit, this diaper does run a bit bulky. Even when you remove one of the inserts we find its not as trim as we would like for daytime. But we know that when it comes to heavy wetter options that trim may not always be in the cards. Below is the diaper on kiddo #2 at 32 pounds, 2.5 yrs average height.

We started getting a good fit with kiddo #3 at about 12 pounds.

DSC04994-2 (1)

Now at 17 months, 32″ and 23 pounds they are fitting like a dream. We have a little gapping at the top that is solved by using the Velcro strip.




The detachable Velcro Strip is a huge selling point for the O.N.E. It means you can leave it on for caregivers who prefer it, or take it off for laundering/ for the kiddos who are diaper escape artists.


Ultimately, we are HUGE Grovia O.N.E fans! Between the ease of aplix/snaps, the amazing absorbency and super soft stay dry fleece, we think everyone should give it a try, be it for overnight or daytime for a heavy wetter.

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