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Thirsties Natural Newborn All-In-One

Thirsties Newborn Natural All in one Woodland Snapped down

Looking for a newborn cloth diaper that ticks all the boxes? Cute, absorbent and easy to wash (even made in the USA of all natural fibers to boot) the Thirties Natural All-In-One (NNAIO) fits the bill! As with other natural fiber diapers this one will need to be “prepped” after 2-3 washes we called it

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Newborn Cloth Diaper Fit at 12-13 lbs.

Thinking about cloth diapering your new baby, but are wondering how much use you will get out of each brand and style of newborn diaper? Curious what newborn diapers will fit a bigger newborn? Little Miss P is growing like a weed. At 3 months old she weighed in at 13 pounds and 25″ long. She

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Bottom Bumpers Size 1

Looking for a super absorbent and easy to use Size 1 All In One? Have a bigger newborn but don’t necessarily want to go straight to One Size diapers? While Bottom Bumpers have been around a long time, they have done some redesigns in the last few years, that have left me and others very

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Newborn Prefolds: Part 1-what are your options?

Back when I was cloth diapering my second (in 2012) the options for prefolds were a bit limited as far as mainstream brand prefolds go. I only knew about newborn, infant (size 1), standard (size 2) and premium (like a size 2 but fluffier).  He was already well out of newborn size by the time

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