Bottom Bumpers Size 1

Looking for a super absorbent and easy to use Size 1 All In One? Have a bigger newborn but don’t necessarily want to go straight to One Size diapers? While Bottom Bumpers have been around a long time, they have done some redesigns in the last few years, that have left me and others very

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Cloth Diaper Washing 102: Troubleshooting

If the basic rinse-wash-rinse using the FULL recommended amount of a MAINSTREAM detergent isn’t cutting it for you here are some tips. Ultra Hard Water? Consider adding a water softener like Calgon, Washing Soda, or White King Powdered Softener. This is especially helpful in places with iron hard water. I highly recommend mineral stripping periodically

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Newborn Prefolds: Part 1-what are your options?

Back when I was cloth diapering my second (in 2012) the options for prefolds were a bit limited as far as mainstream brand prefolds go. I only knew about newborn, infant (size 1), standard (size 2) and premium (like a size 2 but fluffier).  He was already well out of newborn size by the time

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